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Welcome to HART, the Homeless Animal Rescue Team in Cambria, CA.  We are a no-kill, cage free animal rescue and adoption center located on the beautiful Central Coast of California.  HART’s mission is to rescue domestic animals in need, strays as well as cats who have lost their homes due to death or illness, and place them into good permanent homes.  We also aim to eliminate unwanted surplus animals from being born in our immediate area through our active spay/neuter programs.

Our doors are open and we welcome you to drop in.  Enjoy some cuddle and play time with the cats in our beautiful home environment, which allows you to get to know these fun and furry beauties one on one.  We have three separate rooms of our amazing felines just waiting for you to meet them and take them to their new forever home.  Spend the day and who knows?  One of the cats might end up adopting you!



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We are so proud of Trenton for winning the Give Love Photo Contest Click Here to Learn More

Trenton is available for adoption from H.A.R.T. Homeless Animal Rescue Team

The Winner(s) in HART’s 2016 So You Think Your Cat Is Adorable contest

1 st Place—Barkley, the techie cat, Cambria, CA

2 nd Place—Dolly, San Francisco, CA

3 rd Place—Mouse, Morro Bay, CA

4 th Place—Miss Sassafras La Rue, Cambria, CA


Entrusted with a daunting task, our feline judges conscientiously selected HART’s 2016 Most Adorable Cat, EVER, and the runners-up. One judge acknowledged the delicate nature of their task and privately confided that all of the contestants, each in his/her own way, were truly adorable.Fortunately, the judges were up to the challenge, as we knew they would be…and as our video demonstrates.

Congratulations to the winners, and a HARTfelt thank you to all contestants.

Watch for another contest coming in 2017—maybe the Most Humorous cat, maybe the Most Brilliant, maybe the Most Humble…maybe rethink that last one; we’re talking about cats here.