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Guardian Angel Program

Guardian Angels are a special class of angels who are benevolent, and watch over to protect all living creatures.  HART’s Guardian Angel program is dedicated to care for the most urgent cases that arrive at our shelter: painful or debilitating conditions that require expensive medical care. Without treatment many of these animals would be euthanized needlessly.

Contributions to the Guardian Angel Fund are restricted and go specifically to relieve an animal’s suffering, giving them the opportunity to live a full and pain-free life.

Guardian Angel Certificates are available to give as gifts, for a birthday, holiday, or as a special thank you.  They also are an appropriate gift for a memorial for animal lovers or beloved pets. Certificates are available for amounts $5 and over. You can purchase them at our Cat Lovers Gift Shop in Cambria, or by phone.

Guardian Angel Certificate
Guardian Angel

Our goal is to have Guardian Angel funds available every time there is a cat in need.  Following are the stories of a few of the cats that were recently helped by the Guardian Angel Program. 


Meet Coco, a beautiful 10 year old tiger-striped tabby.  She came to HART due to a death in her family and no one left to care for her.

In February she suddenly stopped eating.  After necessary vet exams and blood tests were done, we learned that she was hyperthyroid.  And not only that, but she needed her remaining teeth removed.  Thanks to the funds available through the Guardian Angel program, Coco received treatment and has recovered.  She is eating again and waiting for her forever home.  A big thank you from Coco!


Then there is Bear.  

He’s the best snuggler you will ever find.  He started out life on the streets but is now well adapted to home life.  The Guardian Angel fund paid for his care to treat bladder stones and inflammation of the liver, intestines and pancreas.  The treatment worked and Bear is now totally recovered and looking for that perfect home of his own.  A big Bear hug to thank you for your contribution to the Guardian Angel fund.


Thom was found at a local coffee shop. 

He was starving, dirty and very thin, with a voice loud enough to let you know he needed your help.  Thom was a gentle senior cat, fighting for his life.  He was immediately taken to the vet and given fluids and food and started on thyroid medicine that will be required for the rest of his life.  After veterinary treatment paid for with Guardian Angel funds, he found his forever home!  He now has a family, his own room, and a TV and large windows and patio deck to watch the birds.  His happy ending would not have been possible without your help


Who’s black and white and orange all over? 

Meet Trixie,  a quiet calico beauty (except when purring loudly).  Trixie was diagnosed with borderline stomatitis and required teeth extractions.  She has now recovered, is eating well and waiting for that perfect home.  Thank you Guardian Angels!


Bambi was found as a stray in Cambria. 

She is a young gorgeous cat who loves a warm lap and people to entertain.  The Guardian Angel Fund took care of the expenses for chest x-rays and treatment for pneumonia.  Thanks to you she is a healthy girl waiting for a home and people to play with.


Rufus is a big boy – a typical striped tabby, who rolls over to expose his belly for belly rubs.  

He started losing weight because his teeth had lots of tartar and his gums were red and sore.  Rufus needed a full mouth extraction of his teeth ASAP. Now recuperated, he is looking for his new forever home.  Your continued donations will help Rufus and many others to live a pain free and happy life. 

Our most recent special needs cats were found in a store parking lot.  A litter of five black kittens, about five weeks old.  Their names are Rosie, Penelope, Phoebe, Leonardo and Di Vinci.

All five kittens require ongoing eye drops due to congenital eye defects.  It might be possible to correct their eye problems with surgery when they are older.  Thankfully, as the kittens have grown and gotten stronger, their heart murmurs and irregular heart beat problems seem to have corrected themselves.  Rosie was adopted by a HART volunteer who will give her the care and love she needs.  The other four kittens are waiting for homes.

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Your donations to the Guardian Angel Program help make it possible for many sick or injured cats to receive the care they need to move on to a happy and healthy life.  To make a contribution click on “Donate Now” and “Donate” under the Guardian Angel Program. Credit Card contributions can also be made by calling the HART office at 805-927-7377 and specifying that your donation is for the Guardian Angel Fund. Or if you prefer, please drop off or mail HART a check payable to the “HART Guardian Angel Fund”.   Thank you from the bottom of our HART for any contribution you are able to make.

The HART Guardian Angel Committee



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