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Contributions to this fund support HART’s shelter & rescue operations, including food and medical care for the animals, foster care support, building maintenance and general operations, staff, community outreach and adoption programs.

Guardian Angel Program

Contributions to this program are dedicated to the most urgent medical cases that arrive at our shelter: painful or debilitating conditions that require expensive medical care. Without treatment many of these cases would result in the animal being euthanized needlessly. Donations are restricted for use to specifically relieve an animal’s suffering, giving them the opportunity to live a full and pain-free life.

HART Membership and Donation Options

Please print out and mail to the address on the card, or if you prefer to donate on line, please use either of the donate buttons above.

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Some of us are unable to support programs at HART as we would like to because we need cash for everyday expenses. It is possible, however, to plan to leave a gift through the use of a codicil to one's Will or through an amendment to a Living Trust. Please consult your tax advisor. Click below for some more detailed ideas on how to make estate donations to charitable organizations such as HART.

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Thank you for your contribution. Your generous support allows us to continue our mission for the benefit of the rescued animals and our community. HART is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Federal ID 77-0018508).




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